If you’re looking to play mobile games on your iPhone, a Windows Phone or another smart phone, chances are that you’ve come across online, mobile casinos. Don’t fall for all the hype though; instead educate yourself. Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid the top three websites above at all costs, at least initially. There are lots of shady online mobile casinos, but the top three of the list are by far the lowest of the lowest. Take your time and do your due diligence prior to pulling the trigger with an online mobile casino. While they may offer you the opportunity to download a free app, that doesn’t mean it’s the best payment processing method available. Instead of relying on random download speeds, go through the website’s source code to see if you can detect any tell-tale signs that the site is shady. The first two signs are very easy to spot: a large “X” in the main page is typically a dead giveaway as to the casino’s true nature.

Next up is something that you’ll encounter more often than not with casinos offering ios downloads: cheats. While they may be legal in certain countries, they still don’t make good business sense in the USA and most western European countries. While some may utilize cheats for playing multiple casino games (IOS devices allow this), other apps are simply designed to take advantage of bugs that iPhones have. To avoid getting hit with an annoying scam, go through the casino’s “about” page. If there’s a question on there about whether or not you can play on their platform using cheats, be sure to read it beforehand.

Finally, look closely at the bonuses offered by the casino. Some casinos will randomly give players free chips when they sign up, but most want you to use real money. Be wary of sites that claim to offer 100% bonus incentives without providing further details. This is a clear attempt to get you to spend real money, even if you’re just signing up for free bingo. Also, stay away from sites that offer “special” bonuses that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

As far as ios downloads go, the best bonuses come from mobile casinos offering both IOS and android versions of their apps. Apple users are accustomed to the appearance of their devices and find it much easier to navigate than the Windows interface. Android devices, meanwhile, have taken to the newer interface more effortlessly, allowing its users to scroll through menus and tap on the screen for frequently used functions. Both platforms have their own unique features, but most seem to function more like an actual desktop computer than a phone. Take a look at the list of available bonuses before deciding which to play.

Another bonus enjoyed by players signing up at online mobile casinos is the ability to register their casino account with a fingerprint. Players are prompted to enter their real initial (usually seven digit), which is then stored in the system. Players can then log into their account at any time they want by using their fingerprint. Once your account has been verified, you can then use your real name and login to your casino account from any browser, with any device. It’s easy to see why players love this feature!

One of the most popular mobile casino app promotions involves providing visitors with a free welcome bonus. The welcome bonus typically appears at the top of the player’s screen when they first login, and is automatically charged to their credit card each time they make a purchase or deposit. The idea is that by receiving this bonus instantly, new players will likely spend some time reviewing the different games offered, browsing various promotions, and trying out different slots. If you’ve already played at this casino before, you may even get a special code for a future visit! The welcome bonus is only good for a limited time and is not intended to be a long term offer.

Finally, the most reliable method of meeting with a mobile casino is by meeting in person with a representative from the online casino gambling company. Your internet connection speed and signal strength should be compatible with the data plan used by the representative. Once your data plan is activated, you’ll be ready to start enjoying all the benefits of playing online casino gambling without having to worry about poor signal quality or lack of available bandwidth!