The Childhood Obesity Plan sets out a 20% reduction in sugar over 5 years – how achievable is this on a voluntary basis?

16:45 - 17:15

  • Is sugar reduction possible under voluntary initiatives – and should the priority be calories or sugar?
  • The spotlight has been on sugary drinks, but what about confectionery, cakes and biscuits?
  • Is there any growth in the lower sugar market as consumers look to reduce sugar consumption?
  • The British Retail Consortium has said legislation is vital to creating a level playing field on promotions – how would that work and is there any appetite for legislation from manufacturers too?
  • Does Industry and Retail have a bigger role to play in increasing acceptability of sweeteners?
  • Might tax incentives, as seen in the soft drinks category, be a useful leveller for other categories?
  • Alternative names for sugar on labels, and low-sugar health claims is confusing consumers – is further legislation needed?
  • What will new EU legislation mean for signposting and health claims on labels?
  • Would it help consumers to show added and total sugars separately, as has just been achieved in the US?
  • Would spoonfuls of sugar on labels help consumers or hinder wider nutritional content messaging?
  • Should high sugar drinks contain a health warning?


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