Panel debate: Is it right to tax a category rather than an ingredient? And What will be next?

14:25 - 15:00

  • Will the sugar tax be effective – will it have any impact on energy intake?
  • What impact will the CAP sugar quota changes have on the price of sugar, and consequently on the efficacy of the levy?
  • Will the tax result in a price differential at the point of sale – and if not, what’s the point, how can it discourage purchasing of higher sugar products?
  • Will a tax affect total calorie consumption or will consumers compensate?
  • The tax is catalysing reformulation – but is there any real net health gain from consumers drinking full sugar versions which have slightly less sugar rather than persuading them to instead switch to the no sugar versions?
  • Will the tax succeed potential legal challenges – will additional categories be added to remove accusations of anti-competitiveness?  What level of impact can we expect the sugar tax to have?
  • Will the additional cost be passed to consumers or lost in price promotions?
  • Given the immediate impact on reformulation,  will this initiative role out to the wider food industry as an incentive to reach specific sugar limits across categories?
  • Will consumers just switch to other high-sugar substitutes?
  • Is the funding of school sports from revenue generated problematic – will industry use this as a marketing tool, creating associations which may be seen as counter-intuitive?


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