Panel Debate: Do sweeteners offer an opportunity in harm reduction and if so, could they be more widely endorsed as such?

12:00 - 12:30

  • Should LCS be able to use a health claim on packaging, regarding weight management?
  • How will the sugar tax impact on sweetener sales and useage?
  • Despite extensive evidence of their safety, sweeteners still have an image problem – how can this be addressed?  How do we change attitudes and increase acceptance – what would need to change?
  • What are the barriers, aside from technical issues, to extending the use of sweeteners?
  • Is legislation currently too restrictive to catalyse wider use, should it be reviewed?  Should sweeteners be permitted in baked goods, for example?
  • What of the economics of sweetness – the price of sugar is coming down, the price of sweeteners is also reducing, what impact will this have on ingredients, how will manufacturers balance sweetness and calories
  • What’s the perspective of European and other “healthy choice” logos such as choices and the keyhole scheme – do they refer to / allow sweeteners?


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