Panel Debate: What’s the impact of sugar on obesity and particularly childhood obesity?

10:10 - 10:40

  • What impact will the Childhood Obesity Plan have on sugar reduction?
  • Does the Childhood Obesity Plan focus too much on sugar instead of calories
  • What impact is the intended sugar levy on SSBs having on sugar consumption already?
  • How useful is the continued focus on sugar – is it counter-productive or helpful?
  • Should we – and how do we – get back to calories? Is the media storm on Low Fat v Low Carbs confusing consumers and knocking calories off the radar entirely?
  • The rise in awareness of the harms of sugar has resulted in a surge of “healthy” sugars which are in fact no better than sugar – how do we get the message out effectively?
  • In a world of instant gratification and daily rewards, is clearer guidance needed for parents on what constitutes an “occasional treat”


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