Kim-Anne Lê, PhD, is a nutrition scientist with expertise in sugars and carbohydrates. She completed her PhD at the Department of Physiology of Lausanne University and her postdoctoral fellowship at the Childhood Obesity Research Center at USC in Los Angeles. For the past 15 years, Dr. Lê’s work has focused on the effects of sugars on cardiometabolic risk markers. Her research experience on this topic goes from human physiology to population studies. She is now a senior scientist at the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, and dedicates her work to find novel approaches to improve the nutritional quality of products. She has published numerous professional peer-reviewed articles and reviews, and is the co-editor of the textbook “Dietary Sugars and Health” published in 2014.

Tanya is a strategic dietitian communicator in public health nutrition. She is personally involved in all Nutrilicious work where nutrition and health communications campaigns and events have reached thousands of health influencers and shaped the views of millions of consumers. Many programmes have addressed stakeholder mind-sets on nutrition and health issues including the nutritional value of various foods, beverages and whole diet approaches.

Tanya’s strong track record for organising major engagement programmes started in 1999 when she set up nutrition events and training. Her desire was to influence the nutrition quality of health messaging, drive greater cross-sector stakeholder engagement and impact on public health nutrition.  This included the first cross-sector National Nutrition and Health Conference, the largest event of its kind for over a decade, with the support of leading academics, professional bodies, NGOs, major retailers and members of the food and drink industry.

During this time she developed her unique approach in assisting different organisations in evolving their nutrition expertise and communications. Out of this Nutrilicious was set up to formalise and expand these services.

Nowadays, alongside the nutrition consultancy and communications programmes, Tanya continues to lead on the events and training including a series of specialised lectures, one day events and media roundtables.

Tanya is also an accomplished storyteller, interviewed regularly in the media. She has written numerous articles and authored a number of books for health professionals and consumers. She has been an adviser and presenter on the BBCs Truth about Food series and more recently on BBC’s Rip off Britain. She acts as a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, has sat on numerous expert committees and has spoken at several events sharing her experiences and views on topical nutrition issues.

Her unique blend of interpersonal, dietetic, creative and commercial skills are at heart of everything she does, enjoying close relationships with clients and partners. She carries a mean “black book” and is forever on the lookout for influencers and any partnership that is good for public health, nutrition and business.

Her background in senior specialist roles within the NHS and private healthcare coupled with that in commercial and PR places her in a unique position to advise on both nutrition issues and communications around them.