Panel debate: Are PHE’s sugar reduction targets achievable?

16:35 - 17:15

  • What would help manufacturer’s achieve more – what’s working and what are the challenges?
  • Is sugar reduction resulting in calorie reduction?
  • Is there any activity to reduce sweetness, not just sugar?
  • Are lower sugar choices sufficiently visible and available in Retail and Out of Home?
  • What needs to be done to restrict unhealthy promotions and prevent upselling?
  • Has the sugar reduction agenda created a new market – reduced sugar but not diet products?
  • How much of an issue is “clean” labelling – consumers say they want “clean”, but purchasing data suggests it’s not a major influencer – to what extent is manufacturing and retail influencing or driving “clean” labels?
  • How are consumers responding to portion size changes?


  • Kate Halliwell Nutrition and Health Manager - Food and Drink Federation
  • Dr. Jyotsna Vohra Head of Policy Reearch Centre for Prevention - Cancer Research UK
  • Orlando Wood Chief Innovation Officer - System1
  • Rachel Bradford Nutrition and Scientific Affairs - IGD
  • Kate Nicholls Chief Executive - Association Licenced Multiple Retailers (ALMR)
  • Tanya Haffner Dietitian and Director of Public Health and Nutrition Affairs - Nutrilicious

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