Azmina Govindji

Dietitian & Consultant Nutritionist
Azmina Nutrition

Azmina is an award-winning dietitian, international speaker and best-selling author. She is a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association (BDA), and a regular expert for NHS Choices and other healthcare websites. She has appeared on various news and lifestyle TV programmes, and is often quoted in the national press.

Azmina takes a keen interest in developments on recommendations for sugar, and works with brands to help them explore innovative ways to gradually improve the nutritional profile of their products, and their messaging. She seizes opportunities to be actively involved in the sugar debate as a speaker and online expert. She believes there’s a place for most foods in a varied diet and that healthy eating is about the whole food, not nutrients in isolation.

She is Co-Founder of the award-winning professional RDUK twitter chats that reach an average of 2 million Twitter impressions. The sugar RDUK chat was trending in the UK for 45 minutes.

Azmina has served as a member of several Boards and Committees including the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, BDA Public Relations Committee and BDA Executive Council. 

She has written over a dozen books on weight management and diabetes, she was Chief Dietitian to Diabetes UK for eight years, and now runs her own nutrition consultancy. She offers authoritative opinion on a range of diet-related topics and her lively personality and down-to-earth approach help her to simplify scientific dietary principles for the media and the general public.



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