Dr. Kavita Karnik

Director of Nutrition
Tate & Lyle

Dr Kavita Karnik is the Director of Nutrition at Tate & Lyle. In this capacity, she provides leadership in Innovation and commercial Development unit on nutrition science and is involved in new product development and providing credible scientific support for new and existing products by leading a strategic nutrition science research and education program.

Dr Karnik’s work has encompassed various areas including cardiovascular health, metabolic syndrome, cognitive impairment, and frailty, exploring nutrition and lifestyle interventions for prevention and management. She has also worked in the area of infant formula and maternal nutrition.Dr Karnik has previously held various global roles in nutrition and health related commercial environment for multinational corporations such as Unilever, Pfizer and Nestle. She has been involved in academic research by holding various academic positions at University of Surrey, UK; University of Derby, UK ; Cranfield University, UK and Institute of Clinical Research, India.Dr Karnik currently serves on ILSI Europe and is the Chair of Eating Behaviour and Energy Balance Expert Group. After completing a degree in Medicine from India, Dr Karnik received her Masters and PhD in Nutrition from the University of Sheffield, UK. In addition, she holds a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education.


Dr. Kavita Karnik will be speaking at:

Panel Debate: Sugar’s role in foods goes beyond sweetness – how successful are new innovations at replacing the vital secondary characteristics of sugar?

- 14:50 - 15:15

New forms of sugar – allulose

- 14:35 - 14:50

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