Prof Katherine Appleton

Professor in Psychology
Bournemouth University

I graduated from the University of Southampton in 1993 with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and from the University of Leeds in 1998 with a PhD in Biological Psychology / Nutrition. Since, I have worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds (1999), University of Surrey (2000-2002), University of Bristol (2002-2005) and as a lecturer at Queen’s Unviersity Belfast (2005-2012). I joined Bournemouth Unviersity in Sept. 2012, following a year long sabbatical at the University of Iowa, US. I am a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society, 2001) and a Registered Nutritionist (Nutrition Society, 2001).

Research Interests:

Eating Behaviour, Health, Well-being:

My research interests are based in human eating behaviour, with particular focus on the optimisation of human health and well-being in the normal population. My research includes aspects of: healthy eating and the use of different strategies to promote fruit and vegetable consumption; appetite and weight control, primarily with the aim of understanding and improving weight gain and weight management; nutrition and under-nutrition, and their effects on health, well-being and cognitive performance; taste and consumption; eating style, including dieting, restrained eating and emotional eating and the effects of these behaviours on health and well-being; and includes aspects of physical activity, physical fitness and energy expenditure, and the importance of energy balance.

Prof Katherine Appleton will be speaking at:

Panel Debate: What role for sweeteners in sugar reduction?

- 12:15 - 12:45

New evidence on the impact of sweetness

- 11:30 - 11:45

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