Professor Jason Halford

UK Association for the Study of Obesity

Professor Jason Halford is head of the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool and Chair of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity – ASO (  He is a chartered Health Psychologist and currently the Convenor of the Liverpool Obesity Research Network – LORN (  His early research focused on the role of serotonin in satiety and the use of feeding behaviour to screen anti-obesity drugs and progressed to the behavioural assessment of potential anti-obesity drugs in pre-clinical models and humans. Over the past 10 years his research has focused on drug-induced weight gain, the effects of nutrients and fibre on appetite and hormone release, the effects of stress on eating behaviour, and on lean-obese differences in the expression of appetite. More recently, his research has focused on the effects of branding and food promotion on children’s food preferences and diet. He is currently Director of the Human Ingestive Behaviour laboratory which handles a number of large commercial health claims proof-of-concept studies and interventions for the food and beverage sectors.  Professor Halford is the co-ordinator of the 8 million Euro EU Frame work seven Satiety Innovation SATIN project ( to develop novel foods for appetite control using novel processing technologies to alter food structure.  The project consortium contains seven SMEs, four international industry partners and seven leading European academic institutions.  He is also a leading scientist on the WRAP trial investigating the role of commercial weight management providers in primary care.

Sources of funding (2014):  EU Framework 7, BBSRC-Case, MRC-NRPI, Ingredion, California Prune Board,

Conflict of Interest (2014):  Novo Nordisk have paid the University of Liverpool for Consultancy.  The laboratory regularly receives funding for consultancy on satiety and appetite control in weight management from the pharma and food sector.

Professor Jason Halford will be speaking at:

Welcome from the Chair

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