Ronit Romm

Head Chemist
Doux Matok

Ronit is heading the chemical research and development at DouxMatok ltd., a startup company whose vision is to allow the perception of greater sweetness upon the intake of sugars, making sugars taste sweeter than already are.  Before that, Ms. Romm was Head of Chemistry at Watergen ltd., a start-up company developing machines that can produce water from air.Amongst others, Ronit’s experience is in scientific research, multistep synthesis, coordination chemistry, chemical analysis and water technologies.  Ronit holds an M.Sc. in organic and orgnometallic chemistry from the Hebrew University.  In 2016, Ronit graduated the Merage Institute Leadership Program for Food-Tech innovation.

Ronit Romm will be speaking at:

Panel Debate: Sugar’s role in foods goes beyond sweetness – how successful are new innovations at replacing the vital secondary characteristics of sugar?

- 14:50 - 15:15

When less tastes more; reducing sugar by upto 40% by making it taste sweeter

- 13:50 - 14:05

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